Rogue Racing Project ::513::

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Rogue Racing Project ::513::
Presenting East Fork State Park

We are cyclists, runners, adventure racers, tri-athletes, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers… Are you Rogue?

The team’s purpose is to provide support to each member as he/she strives to test themselves and reach their goals in whatever discipline they choose. Rogue Racing Project consists of runners, bikers, triathletes, mountain bikers and cyclocross racers who do it for the love of the sport.
The Rogue spirit is in each of the Project’s athletes as they get the most of of their sporting life. Are you ROGUE?

The Rogue Racing Project was formed on the model of the longstanding European athletic club tradition. The Project is a collection of diverse endurance athletes that have come together to share a common passion for fitness, friendship and a healthy lifestyle.